What is a Deed Restricted Community

What is a Deed Restricted Community?

So first thing first. “What is a deed restricted community?”

A deed restricted community is a development where all properties come with restrictions that prohibit certain actions. These restrictions are outlined and enforced by the Homeowners Association (HOA). It’s not a local government.

Homeowners Association (HOA) creates these rules for the overall good of the community and its residents.

It’s very important to know about deed restrictions when you are looking to buy a new home. Sometimes that restriction can limit your property rights. 

Now let’s talk about some common deed restriction rules. 

Some Common Deed Restrictions

Parking Vehicles 

This is the most common deed restrictions rule. You have to park your vehicles in the driveway or in your garage. Some communities have restrictions on parking commercial vehicles in your driveway. Make sure you know the rules.

Age Restrictions

There are also age restrictions on certain communities such as only allowing residents 50 years or older. 

Paint Colors

In your home without HOA rules, you can do anything. You can paint your house any color as you imagine. But in many deed restrictions communities, this is not allowed. You have followed their rules when you try to paint your house. 

Tree Removal

You can’t just cut trees in deed restriction areas. Homeowners Association (HOA) may reserve the right to prohibit certain trees from removal.

Custom Mailbox Design

You cant design your mailbox. You canst have a stylish mailbox or certain colors mailbox, it may be prohibited. You have to follow their rules. Make sure you ask them for more information.

Pet Policies

There are also some restrictions on pets in certain communities. Like how many pets you can have. What type of pet you have and their breed etc. 

Placements of Trash Cans

Yes, you have to follow these rules also if you live in deed restriction community. 

Restriction Around Properties Structure and Pools

It depends on your deed restriction community that you cant have a pool. You may also be restricted in your ability to build a shed or an accessory dwelling unit in your own house.

Now we know about most of the common deed restriction rules. Then let’s talk about benefits and risks in deed restriction community.

Deed Restrictions Community

Benefits of A Deed Restriction Community

Deed restrictions community can be beneficial. Here are a few of them :

  • Access to Amenities: An HOA may have several amenities and facilities that members can use. Like the pool, gym, parks, clubhouse or tennis court, etc. Access to these amenities and facilities is usually reserved for community members only.
  • Property Value: It can lead you to improve your property value. Having deed restrictions can help to maintain the beauty of your neighborhood and help prevent property values from plummeting.
  • Sharing of Expenses: You don’t have to pay for all their pool or snow removal etc. All the community members share those expenses. 
  • Dispute Resolution: With deed restrictions, you will not have to worry about your neighbor painting their house neon pink or their overhanging trees invading your property.

Homeowner associations (HOA) will help you avoid any nuisance activities. 


Risks of A Deed Restriction Community

There are also some risks in deed restrictions community. Here is a few of them:

  • Monthly Dues: Deed restrictions community members have to pay monthly dues. This is for all the maintenance of the community. 
  • Limited Freedom: You are limited to what you can use or change in your home. You have to follow all the rules in deed restrictions community.
  • Difficulty to Sell: Lots of people don’t like deed restrictions community. For that when you try to sell a deed restrictions property, you may have to face many difficulties to find consumers.   


Is a Deed Restrictions Community Right for You?

Before purchasing a house, make sure you obtain a copy of the community restrictions. Read them carefully. 

Then you will get an idea that is it right for you or not. Deed restrictions can vary from community to community. Make the right choice before purchasing a home.



Purchasing a house is in deed restricted community may be beneficial for you not. If you are someone who likes the freedom to do anything then my suggestion is not to purchase a house in deed restrictions community. 

Hope you got all the answer.

Tell me “Are you wanna live in deed restricted community?”. Comment Below.


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