Top 3 Crypto to Buy in February 2022 (HUGE Potential)

Top 3 Crypto to Buy in February 2022 (HUGE Potential)

All right as you know crypto took a huge dip this past month. But you have to remember as much as your portfolio is in the red and you’re probably down a lot. Times like these in the crypto market are when a lot of money is made. And the prices that we’re seeing right now are levels that we probably will never ever see again.

Now with all my years of being in crypto, the one thing I’ve always learned is you always regret not buying. So put your emotions to the side and let’s see which coins you guys should be looking into this upcoming month. Today’s I’m going to be going over my top three crypto to buy picks that you guys should be considering for the month of February 2022. 

Top 3 Crypto to Buy in February 2022 (HUGE Potential)

1.  Avalanche

We have Avalanche. Now avalanche is a blockchain that allows developers to build depth or decentralize applications. It kind of sounds like Ethereum right. But instead, it has fast transaction speeds. Now since launching in 2020 avalanche has gone from four dollars to all-time highs of about $135 and it’s hovering around $64 right now. So from a technical standpoint if the price goes back to levels $135 range. you can already see a 2x return on your money right away.

Now the reason I think avalanche is going to dominate is that their numbers and adoption rates have just been insane. If we look at the VP of marketing for avalanche he posts some super insightful analytics about the projects. He shows how developer adoption has increased 18% in the first 20 days of January to almost 18000 developers. And similarly, contract deployment increased 13% to almost 100000 smart contracts. He also shared how avalanche is experiencing Ethereum level activity just a year and a half after launching. Reaching 84% of Ethereum’s daily transactions. I mean if they can achieve these crazy numbers in just a little over a year that just shows how good the team is.

2.  Cosmos

Alright so coming in at number two we have Cosmos. Now cosmos has coined the internet of blockchains. Basically what cosmos does it allow independent blockchains to operate with each other. So for example it allows public and private blockchains to transfer tokens to each other and it does this through something called IBC. Which stands for Inter Blockchain Communication protocol. You can just think of being like the glue for cosmos pretty much-holding everything together. Now without getting too in-depth IBC allows different applications to send tokens and data to one another.

Now the main reason why you should be looking into cosmos is one-word airdrops. Now if you know anything about cosmos you will know that they’ve been having a ton of airdrops on their network and the reason for this is because all these applications are running on the cosmos network. So if you’re staking atom which is cosmos native token you’re technically a part of all these projects. So you never know what can happen with its price and since they’re essentially getting free money anyway i think a great strategy would be to stake these airdrops and make some passive income and possibly experience some crazy gains.

3.  Aave

In at number three we have Aave. Now Aave is a d5 liquidity protocol where you can earn interest from lending out your crypto. Aave has a little over 20 billion dollars in the protocol. Now, this is down a few billion dollars after the crypto dump we just saw and a whole bunch of accounts being liquidated. Now Aave has a whole bunch of new markets that they introduce which shows that the team is constantly integrating new blockchains to their protocol to make transactions cheaper and faster for their customers.

Currently, they’re working on Aave v3 which plans to make it the most efficient defined liquidity protocol ever allowing users to be able to transfer their liquidity from one network to another. We’re also seeing ave start to focus more on institutional adoption with them launching ave arc. This allows the banks and other large corporations to safely start borrowing and lending in the d5 space which is huge news. You see a lot of companies are jumping into crypto and buying coins but not so many are hopping into d5.

The main reason is compliance. So what Aave ended up doing was creating a permission liquidity pool. Which whitelisted 30 companies to join and experience d5 to hopefully get more money in the space. Now all the relationships that they’re building with these companies, will help them get more funding and adoption in the future. 

But these were my top crypto picks for the month of February. As always do your own research before you invest. And let me know what coins you guys think will have some crazy potential down in the comment section below.

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