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How to Fix a Toilet Overflow Pipe Leaking

Are you facing the toilet overflow pipe leaking problems?

Overflow pipe leaking can cause lots of trouble.  Even a small leak can cause many problems. Sometimes toilet overflow pipes can cause damage that will be costly to repair. The toilet is a very important part of any home. So it needs to work properly. (If you face any plumbing problem in Jackson, Michigan. Then we are ready to help you. Just contact us.)


A simple step by step guide that will help you to deal with toilet overflow pipe leaking:

Check The Water Pressure

First, check your water pressure. If your water pressure is high it can cause overflowing pipe. Cause there is a limit on your pipe to handle that pressure. So make sure that water pressure is not so high.

Find out Which Tank Pipe is Overflowing

Sometimes finding tank pipe which is overflowing is difficult. Just notice the dripping water. Or get some help from professional plumbers. (If you face any plumbing problem in Jackson, Michigan. Then we are ready to help you. Just contact us.)

Analyze The Washer and Float Valve

If your toilet overflow pipe is dripping. Then you must analyze your washer and the valve. Sometimes it can cause the toilet to overflow pipe. Check your float valve is working properly or is stuck. And also check your washer is damaged or working properly.

Replace The Float Valve

If your problem didn’t fix yet. Just check your float valve is working properly or not.  If there is any problem just replace the float valve.

Most Asking Question About Toilet Overflow Pipe

1. Where is the overflow pipe on a toilet?

When you remove the tank lid from the toilet, you will see 3 separately identifiable parts:  The flush lever, (raises the flapper)  The ball cock w/float, (allows water to enter the tank), and The drain and overflow, (allows water to drain into the bowl when the flapper is raised and only allows a certain level of water in the tank. There are many and varied types and sizes of all 3 mechanisms that may be used, none of which are difficult to replace!


2. Why is my toilet overflow pipe dripping?

It sounds like your cistern is filling too high. lift the lid off. then first check the ball-cock valve is working correctly. flush the toilet and while it is refilling, pull up the ball-cock and the water should stop completely. if water continues coming through then the valve is the cause, if not then adjust the screw under the ball-cock arm which will set the level at which the water stops filling.


I hope your problem is fixed now!!! If not then contact professional plumbers as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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